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Revival of 'Mastromas' / Wiederaufnahme von "Mastromas"

After a successful tour through Germany with the play The Ritual Slaughter Of Gorge Mastromas for Euro-Studio Landgraf, the rehearsals for the revival of Mastromas in Hamburg at Friedrich-Schütter-Platz...   mehr


Opening night at Lahr! / Premiere in Lahr!

Rehearsals are over. It's time to get serious. Tonight it's opening night for Eurostudio Landgraf performing The Ritual Slaughter Of Gorge Mastromas by Dennis Kelly in Lahr. The play of the British writer...   mehr


Rehearsals starting! / Die Proben beginnen!

The rehearsals for The Ritual Slaughter Of Gorge Mastromas are starting today in Berlin - Pankow. Under the direction of Peter Lotschak the five actors Julian Mehne, Markus Knüffgen, Jörg Seyer, Marsha...   mehr


Christian Meyer playing Milan Jovic / Christian Meyer spielt Milan Jovic

Coming soon: the episodes of Good Times - Bad Times starring Christian Meyer as criminal Milan Jovic coming up next week from March 16th to 20th. After Christian had played Lars Meister, a military instructor...   mehr


Shooting for the German TV Series "Good Times Bad Times" / Dreharbeiten zur Vorabendserie Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten

After 6 years Christian Meyer returns to the TV-Series Good Times - Bad Times. Though he might still be familiar to the fans as the military drill instructor Lars Meister - in the years of 2008 and 2009 -...   mehr


Music Video Shoot of the song "Down" by Viola Tamm & Band / Musikvideodreh des neuen Songs "Down" von Viola Tamm & Band

Under the direction of Bennie Bildrebell the shooting of the music video of Viola Tamm's new single "Down" took place on octobre 8th 2014 in Fulda in the state of Hesse. The song deals with a strong woman who...   mehr


Opening Night "The Birds" / Premiere von "Die Vögel"

Opening Night of Conor McPherson's "The Birds", directed by Evangelos Tzavellas, at Schlosstheatre Celle / Am heutigen Freitag feiert die Inszenierung "Die Vögel" von Conor McPherson unter der Regie von...   mehr


"The Birds" at Schlosstheatre Celle - Preliminary report on Felix-Bloch-Erben / Vorbericht der FBE Agentur zur Inszenierung "Die Vögel" am Schlosstheater Celle

"Die Vögel" am Schlosstheater Celle Nach "Rum und Wodka" kann man ab dem 09. Mai 2014 ein weiteres Werk des renommierten irischen Dramatikers Conor McPherson auf der Turmbühne des Schlosstheaters Celle...   mehr


Interview mit Christian Meyer in der Taunus Zeitung

„Vorhang auf und dann heißt es schwimmen oder ersaufen“ Der Schauspieler und Theaterdarsteller Christian Meyer kommt am morgigen Samstag (20 Uhr) zu einer Lesung in die Erlenbach-Halle. Die TZ hat vorab...   mehr


The Birds by Conor McPherson / Die Vögel von Conor McPherson

Christian Meyer starts rehearsing on "The Birds" by Conor McPherson at Schlosstheater Celle. He was cast for the part of Nat and is looking forward to working with the young and brilliant director Evangelos...   mehr

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